Create an Impact with a Small Bathroom

Balancing form and function through careful thought and planning can make a stunning bathroom even in the smallest of spaces.

Wall Mounted Vanity Units

A vanity unit with drawers or a cupboard will help you to make the most of your space and will enable you to keep the bathroom looking tidy. A wall mounted model will create the illusion of space by allowing you to see as much of the floor space as possible. Shop for shallow units or corner units to further maximise a small space.

Mounted Toilets

Matching your wall mounted vanity unit with a wall mounted toilet will again enhance the feeling of space in your bathroom by exposing more floor.

Look for a short-projection model as they can be up to 20cm shorter than the standard size!

Consider Major Changes

Moving your toilet's location can be both problematic and costly and is generally therefore not advised. However, if it is the only way to achieve your dream bathroom why not try checking with us to see if we can help you to find a solution that keeps within your budget.

Shower Enclosures

If you're trying to fit a shower into a tight space, try thinking outside of the box.

Consider quadrant and pentagon enclosures, which save valuable floor space due to their shape.

Space-saving Doors

When every inch counts, choose your shower doors wisely as there are designs that are effective at utilising small spaces. Consider sliding doors and bifold doors (where a glass panel folds in on its hinges). Alternatively, a pivot door could work as despite opening outwards, it needs less clearance than a hinged door because the far edge of the door swings backwards into the shower.

Walk in Showers

Instead of choosing an often bulky shower enclosure, you could choose the open feel of a walk-in shower. All you need is a simple glass panel or wall and a low-profile or recessed shower tray creating a seamless transition between the floor and shower area.

An alternative to a shower tray is a method called tanking in which a waterproof membrane is laid on the floor to create a waterproof barrier with the floor finish laid on top.

Squeeze in a Bath

Don't compromise on lifestyle choices. If you prefer a long soak in the bath there's a wide range of shapes and sizes of bath available including compact models that are just 150cm in length and corner models.

Or why not have the best of both worlds with a compact bath combined with an overhead shower.

With clever planning a solution can often be found.

Bounce Light Around

Increase your feeling of space with mirrors; simple but effective.

Consider mirrored bathroom cabinets that double up as storage.

If you are able, a skylight or window will also open up the room adding a feeling of light and space.

Hideaway Storage

Effectively maximise your feeling of space by minimising surface clutter. Use mirrored cabinets to provide additional storage space and when choosing cabinets and vanity units go wall mounted to free up floor space.

Finally, if you have a bath, consider making use of the wealth of storage space that could be utilised under the bath.

Optical Illusions

A streamlined look in a small space is created using simple, flowing lines that visually elongate a room.

By contrast, breaks in the line of the wall will often visually shrink it.

Open Shelving

Open storage can be a great way to add some personality to your bathroom by making a feature of your favourite products.

If it is not possible for you to build a niche into the wall, glass shelves make a great alternative.

Dark Shades

Light colours will generally make a room feel bigger but sometimes it's worth simply accepting that it is a small space and making the most of its benefits.

If it's done right, an enclosed space can feel cosy and comforting. Choose dark colours with a mix of textures in large-format tiles to avoid lots of cuts and distracting grout lines to bring out the best in this look.

Underfloor Heating

Loose the need for bulky radiators but having underfloor heating.

Combine it with a slimline towel warmer that can be plumbed into the hot-water system (rather than the central heating) and you have a cost effective way of having hot towels all year round.