Creating a bedroom for your child can be the most fun room to decorate in the house – you can think outside the box and within the constraints of your child’s personality and “likes”, have some fun.

A word of caution, however, is to remember that your child will have their own opinions and ideas when it comes to how their room will look and feel so remember to consult them before you start creating their space to make sure that together you can design their perfect room.

A bed isn’t just for sleeping

Many of us will remember building camps and dens in our bedrooms using our sheets and blankets. If your child enjoys this too, consider adding "outdoor themed" elements to their room such as this tree shaped bookcase to help them lose themselves in the fantasy.

Create their own recreation space

Ever fancied climbing your walls before disappearing into your own cosy reading space? This room creates the perfect blend of active and restful play and makes great uses of primary colours to create a stimulating and playful environment.

Think shapes

Why should shelves be straight? As long as they are still practical - able to hold their contents - you can go as wild as you like. Combine an unusually shaped shelf with a bright feature wall and coloured accessories creates a fun feel whilst providing practical storage space.

Give childish shades a streetwise twist

This custom wallpaper has transformed the traditionally little girl shade of pink into an cool "street themed" room that will effortless transition with your child as they grown into their teenage This inspired choice is hip enough to transition from childhood through to teenage years. Combine with more grown up looking furniture and different coloured accessories to create an eclectic look.

Child-proof your space

If you are fortunate enough to have a dedicated play space for your kids turn it into a creative space. Why choose ordinary walls when you can turn them into a blank canvas Forget the conventional and turn blank walls into a canvas using a blackboard. The dark colour provides the perfect contrast to pale shelves and flooring.