Shop Fittings

BFM Specialists specialise in bespoke rustic workplace design; able to create shop fittings and single pieces of bespoke workplace furniture (such as bars, reception desks, counters, feature walls and display cabinets) as well as full commercial refits and refurbishments of the entire space. Often our clients come to us with just a rough idea of what they want. That’s all we need! From there, working to their budget, we liaise with our clients to plan, design and create their new workspace.

The “look” we choose for our place of business defines it; not only does the “look” cause people to form an opinion and an expectation of your business, it perhaps more importantly, sets the ambience and alters the mood of those that spend time within its walls – from our customers and clients to our members of staff. It is therefore, a cornerstone of creating a successful business and requires careful consideration. Your place of business must be a place where practicalities such as workspace flow are complimented by the creative elements of artistic design.