Create a Dining Area in a Small Kitchen

In even the smallest of kitchens, it’s great if you can have an area where you or a companion can sit or even perch. It helps to make your kitchen a more sociable space. Think outside of the box and this can be achieved in even the smallest of spaces.

Turn storage into a breakfast bar

In a small kitchen, its advisable to make the most of your space and this can be achieved using multi-functional design. Turn your breakfast bar into a useful storage space by creating it out of a stylish set of handleless drawers.

Incorporate a pull-out worktop

You can use pull-out sections of worktops to provide you with extra preparation space but why not install a wider pull-out section or two to create a small breakfast bar?

Positioning is important to ensure that it can effectively perform this multi-function without obstructing the cook.

Add in a small overhang

Even a small ledge can transform your worktop into a breakfast bar. Extend it even a few inches and you will have created a useable breakfast bar. With hinges, it can even be stowed away when not in use.

Create a cosy corner

Avoid the need for space-taking chairs and make use of an awkward corner space by creating a cosy corner booth.

Lose a base unit or two

As long as you make full use of your storage space, you may be able to create a breakfast bar by simply leaving out a base unit or 2. If you need a little extra storage space, you could even add a couple of open shelves above the breakfast bar.