Small, single rooms can be problematic as a child’s bedroom (especially if their often older sibling got first dibs on the bigger room). Loft beds combined with clever storage ideas and carefully thought out design can transform a small room; freeing up precious floor space and giving your child the play space they dreamed of!

We transformed this child’s single room into a rustic, woodland themed bedroom. For this little girl’s room sleep was its secondary purpose! Far more important was to achieve a play space and for that we needed to reclaim the floor. So to this end, the bed was risen to its new lofty heights and the rest of the room was designed to create clever storage solutions that could double up as accessories to both relaxation and play.

Clothes Storage

One tall rustic cupboard created a large space for storing her clothes (and her humungous collection of bags!). For the rest of her clothes, we built low level rustic chests that can double up as both seating and play tables.

A Perfect Cosy Hide Away

Tired out after a day of play, she can disappear up into her cosy hideaway; a perfect space for reading and snoozing.

Hanging Space

Most of her clothes were suitable for folding into a cupboard. However, party dresses, costumes and school shirts needed a space to hang. We therefore carefully measured out a space under the bed - just enough to hang what was needed as we wanted as much floor space as possible. A pretty pink blind replaced the need for a door; adding a splash of colour as well as the space saving benefits of an ultra thin "door" that can roll up and down.

Creative Space

Our little client loves to draw and as she grows will need a space to do her homework. Space remained an issue and so we decided to create a desk for her that she could open and close. When closed, it's a pretty fabric noticeboard with a display shelf. When its time to get busy, it transforms into a desk with handy compartments for her papers, books and stationery. The toy storage chests beside it double up as a chair which we carefully built to a comfy height for sitting on.

We decided to extend her creative space by turning an ordinary wall into a blank canvas using a blackboard and then complimented the look with chalkboard labels for her toy box shelving unit.