Pitched roofs, awkward ceilings, light and heat issues; when converting a loft we often encounter lots of “problems” but none of them prevent us from creating a space to love. Whether its an extra bedroom, an entertainment room or an office space, lofts are a hidden treasure in our homes from which we can create unique living spaces that are full of character and imagination.

Tuck in a mezzanine

A loft conversion doesn't always need to provide you with a totally separate room. Creating a sleeping mezzanine level can make the most of a pitched roof giving you a snug sleeping area from what would have been a dead space.

Create a family room

Create the perfect family room with table games, a TV and huge comfy sofas. This simple combination creates the ultimate den for families and friends to hang out in.

A room to grown up in 

With the right choice of decor and furnishings, you can create a stylish child's loft bedroom that will grow with them.

Using clever storage solutions will help give the room a spacious feeling.

Create a dreamy, girlie space

Create a girlie space with an eau de nil washed ceiling and airy voile drapes to instil serenity for the perfect night’s sleep.

Build a cinema & gaming room

Transform an unused loft space into a home cinema and gaming room. Create your entertainment room with Wall-to-wall seating and hi-tech equipment that will give you a space in which you can enjoy a movie or gaming with family and friends.

Use lighter shades

The use of pale colours and subtle patterns will maximise the levels of light in the room and in turn increase the feeling of space in a small or awkwardly shaped loft.