Hire Terms & Conditions


  1. BFM Specialists (BFM) shall hire Exhibition & Event Displays and Stands, Furniture, Fittings and Accessories (the Equipment) to the Customer named on the order form and invoice on the following terms and conditions only.


  1. The hire period shall:

2.1 commence on the day set out on the order form/official invoice or the day of delivery whichever is the sooner; and

2.2. be deemed to end only when all the Equipment has been returned and accepted back by BFM.


  1. The Customer is solely responsible for the all the Equipment and shall insure against all risks including but not limited to the full replacement value of the Equipment on hire.


  1. The Customer undertakes to keep the all the Equipment in good order and condition and to return all Equipment to BFM in such order and condition. In the event of any Equipment being damaged and requiring repair, the Customer will pay the full cost of such repair. If any of the Equipment is damaged beyond repair and requires replacement, the Customer will pay the full cost of this replacement. In addition a loss of hire charge not exceeding 12% per day of the retail value of the damaged Equipment will be paid by the Customer should BFM not receive payment within 10 days of the written demand.
  2. Prior to commencement of hire the Customer may have to pay a deposit to BFM in the sum specified on the order acknowledgement as security of the performance of the Customer’s obligations hereunder.


  1. The Customer will endeavour to collect and return the Equipment at the time specified on the order and shall be liable to pay BFM an amount equal to the daily rate of the Equipment hire for each day of delay.
  2. Where equipment is delivered or collected by the Customer (or the Customer’s servant or agents) such delivery or collection is at the Customer’s risk and expense and the Customer shall be liable for physical loss and damage and delay to the Equipment from the time the equipment leaves BFM’s premises until it is returned to BFM’s premises.
  3. If specified on the order, BFM will endeavour to deliver and collect the Equipment at the time indicated by the Customer but will not be liable for any loss (including indirect contingent or consequential loss) damage costs claims or expenses incurred should any delay or delivery failure due to circumstances beyond its control including but not limited transportation disputes or shortages of labour. Until BFM collects the Equipment it remains the responsibility if the Customer.
  4. It is the duty of the Customer to provide a duly authorised representative on taking possession of the Equipment to accept the Equipment and to give a written receipt of their safe delivery and shall be precluded from disputing delivery of the Equipment in good condition and the Customer will be deemed to have accepted the delivery and these conditions. Any matters relating to the substandard condition of the Equipment must be referred immediately to BFM and (if the rental is to proceed) a note endorsed on the order to be countersigned by BFM.
  5. It is the duty of the Customer to provide at the point of return of the Equipment to BFM, a duly authorised representative to sign a written confirmation of the Equipment returned to BFM on termination of hire. If the Customer fails to provide for this the Customer will not be permitted to dispute subsequently the number and/or condition of the Equipment returned to/collected by BFM on termination of hire period.
  6. If any of the Equipment is not returned by the Customer to BFM at the end of the previously agreed hire period or within 7 days of a written demand from BFM BFM reserves the right to make a written demand for and the Customer shall pay a compensation payment which is equal to the current replacement retail value of the Equipment which has not been returned. In addition a loss of hire charge not exceeding 12% per day of the retail value of the missing furniture or equipment will be paid by the Customer should BFM not receive payment within 10 days of the written demand.


  1. Instructions of the Customer (different from those on the requisition) cannot be carried out unless given in writing to BFM 14 days prior to action required and accepted by BFM in writing.
  2. All Equipment offered for hire are subject to availability and BFM shall not be bound by any order placed by the Customer until it has notified the Customer in writing of its acceptance.
  3. BFM reserves the right without prior warning to make substitutes of a reasonable similar quality for items of Equipment that are unavailable.
  4. Any complaints that may arise must be submitted in writing while the Equipment is in use at an exhibition event or any other venue or place of business to ensure that they are fully investigated on site.
  5. All dimensions are quoted in millimetres and are approximate.


  1. No Liability shall attach to BFM for loss or damage to the Customer’s own goods (or those of their customers, clients or other members of the public) howsoever caused.
  2. It is the responsibility of all Customers to ensure that all Equipment should be emptied of all personal belongings as no responsibility can be accepted by BFM for their safe custody.
  3. BFM does not accept any liability for any damage or injury to goods or persons caused by the misuse of the Equipment.
  4. BFM does not accept liability for any loss or damage (including indirect contingent or consequential) cost claims or expenses suffered or incurred by the Customer or by any third party arising out of or in connection with the hire delivery use or misuse non use collection or return of the Equipment or any part thereof.
  5. In the event of BFM being found liable whether under the terms of this Agreement or at common law or in any other way for loss damage or injury arising out of the Equipment BFM’s total liability shall not exceed the total hire charge referred to on BFM’s invoice.


  1. Fourteen days notice of cancellation is required before hire commencement in writing to BFM to avoid a full rate charge for the whole of the hire period. This does not apply to any bespoke work which is undertaken on behalf of the Customer.  All bespoke work must be paid for in full.
  2. Subject to the clause 22 at the discretion of BFM a charge of not less than 25% of the total quoted hire charge may be made in respect of cancelled orders.
  3. If a cancellation is made after the Equipment has been delivered to the site the Customer will be invoiced for the full hire charge.
  4. Without prejudice to any of its rights BFM may terminate or suspend the hire of the Equipment to the Customer without notice and recover possession of the Equipment if the Customer: a) is in breach of any of the provisions of these terms and conditions or b) presents or allows to be present an application for an interim order or a petition for bankruptcy within the meaning of the Insolvency Act 1986 or allowing a levy against the Customer of any distress execution or c) the Customer enters into or attempts to enter into a composition with creditors or goes into liquidation or d) a receiver or administrator is appointed in respect of the Customer’s assets or any of them or a meeting whether formal or informal is called of Customer’s creditors.


  1. The Customer shall pay BFM the amount set out on the invoice before the payment date specified on the invoice. Should BFM not receive payment in full within this time the Customer shall be liable to pay interest on the Late Payment at 4% above the lending rate of Barclays Bank Plc.


  1. Any waiver by BFM of any breach by the Customer of these terms and conditions is limited to the particular event. No delay to act on a particular breach by BFM shall be deemed to be a waiver.
  2. These terms and conditions govern the Equipment hire to the exclusion of any other oral or written agreement. No notification of these terms and conditions shall be effective without the prior written consent of BFM.
  3. The headings in these terms and conditions are for reference only and shall not affect the interpretation of these terms and conditions.
  4. BFM may assign the benefit of its contract with a Customer at any time after giving written notice to the Customer. The Customer may not assign its contract with BFM without the prior written consent of BFM.
  5. These terms and conditions shall be governed and constructed and shall take effect in accordance with the Laws of England and Wales and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English and Welsh Courts.